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Feel the essence of life surging through an old growth white pine at Petroglyph State Park in Michigan’s thumb.

I feel that my life’s work is intimacy with Soul.  Another way of saying this could be that knowing myself as LOVE or Spirit in form is essential to me.  It’s the only thing that remains when I set aside the beliefs and labels.  Yes, I’m an artist.  Yes, I’m a father, a teacher and a friend.  And, it’s also true that each identity continually changes depending on wherever my focus.  And, it’s also true that every person has his or her own unique idea about what each of these labels means to them.

What makes an artist great?

Where did I learn how to be a parent, and where did my parents learn to how to be a parent?

How can I be a good friend if I have no control over what makes “you” happy?

How can I teach if I’m not certain about any of the things I teach?

Is this my Awakening?  Or, is it a belief I have about Awakening that’s constructed in my mind and will change as illusions do.

The only thing I know for sure is I am.  The only thing I have control over, if I’m so set on controlling something, is my awareness of LOVE.  It is who I am and it’s the only thing that is constant in my life, even if my beliefs tell me otherwise.

So what does it mean for me to be a parent, friend, teacher or artist?  Well, I guess I’ll find out as I go.  But, I’m pretty certain whichever role I choose to play, it will be enhanced by the degree of attention I place on LOVE, which is my “Essence”

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